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2014 CrossFit Games From My POV

This post is a few days late only because I decided to extend my holiday in SoCal. That said, here are my top ten experiences I had at this year's CrossFit Games. Caveat: Anfarm is based in the North West Region so I'm a little biased.

10. Froning 4-peats. I had a feeling he'd repeat but honestly, I would've liked to have seen someone take the champ down. If someone else had won it would've made it higher on this list. Don't get me wrong though, 4-peating at anything is amazing and I might be discounting that fact, but again, I just had feeling like everyone else that he'd win again this year. Froning has set the standard that all future champions will be measured.

9. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet's overall performance to take the podium this year. More specifically, her unbroken sets of pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and bar muscle-ups in the 21-15-9 Complex. She's come a long way in the last few years. I really didn't expect her to podium let alone win.

8. At their first Games appearance as a team, Marysville Bobcats' coming in third. The North West Region has always been know for its strong teams and consistently perform well at The Games. Congratulations Bobcats!

7. Cody Anderson. What can I say about this young man? Astounding and mind-boggling performances for a smaller athlete at only 5'7", 160lbs. I became a believer when he came in first on the Muscle-Up Biathlon event when he went unbroken with all his muscle-ups. Absolutely amazing!

6. Nike street team's infiltration of The Games. They came out in force rocking their new Nike Training shoe that will rival the Reebok Nanos. BTW, the shoes are scheduled to release in February 2015 in multiple colorways. I think it's great. Competition is good for our sport, and we'll see the cream rise to the top.

5. Meeting CrossFit personalities, athletes, and industry reps from around the world that represent our sport. All of whom were friendly and willing to take the time to chat. I'm pretty sure you can't say that with any other sport.

4. Back to Cody Anderson. Although he came in ninth in the Thick 'n Quick WOD (4 20' rope climbs and 3 overhead squats at 245lbs.), he came in first in his heat and absolutely electrified the spectators. Remember, he's only 5'7" and 160lbs.

3. The Masters...period. I'm inspired by all of them in all age groups. I think CFHQ don't give them enough exposure. Watching them perform feats that any average crossfitter would be proud of was motivating. Some say age is just a number. To some degree I agree. But as I get older, my body doesn't perform and recover like it used to. And to watch the Masters doing multiple WODs for three days, I seriously don't know how they do it.

2. SPEALLER, SPEALLER, SPEALLER!!! I was finally able to see my CrossFit hero perform in person and at the most opportune time being it his last year at The Games. One of the first WOD videos I ever watched was Chris doing "Annie" at a blistering pace. Over the years I watched as he performed amazing feats time and time again. It climaxed at The Games as he completed the first round of the Clean Speed Ladder. At 5'5", 150lbs. it's easy to see why so many people look to him for inspiration. The cherry on top was Chris' final WOD (Thick n' Quick). At both events the crowd went absolutely nuts cheering him on to completion. Which brings me to my number one experience...

 1. The CrossFit community. No doubt the athletes were amazing, but what amazed me and still does is the bond within the community. Of course we cheer on our favorite athletes that we WOD with or know more than the others, but ultimately we cheer everyone on, even the athletes doing WODs in the vendor village to win a prize. The support and encouragement within our community is second to none. The community is one of the reasons why I continue to CrossFit and why I started Anfarm in the first place.

Thanks to CFHQ for hosting the best Games thus far, and thanks to the volunteers and staff that worked behind the scenes to make everything happen seamlessly and enjoyable for all the spectators.

See you next year at the 2015 Games!