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Pro-Pro Sports Club

We'll be attending Armageddon again this year, hosted by Pro Sports Club. Let me tell you why. It's not because it's the largest competition regionally. In fact, in comparison it's quite small. This competition is probably one of the better organized and efficient events we've attended, and we attend a lot of events. "Pro" in their name isn't a fluke.

Pro Sports Club has been around for over 40 years. Outside of professional and D1 athletics, it's probably the premier health club in the northwest. At one point it was the home of the Seattle Supersonics NBA team. They boast a 270,000 square foot facility at their flagship location. Armageddon will be held at their Redmond, WA facility in their 10,000 square foot indoor field; I'm guessing, it may be bigger.

What's great about Pro Sports Club, and probably the reason for their longevity, is the fact that they embrace new fitness regimens, sports medicine, and wellness programs...and yes, this includes CrossFit. All their functional trainers/coaches are Level 1 certified. Legally they can't promote their classes as CrossFit, but that will probably change soon. Word on the street is that they're working on getting their affiliation. They are opening up a stand-alone box that isn't integrated within any of their other facilities. And if you've been to any of their locations just imagine what their box is going to look like. How cool will that be?!

Other than professionalism and first-class facilities, we're going back because Armageddon isn't exclusive to just crossfitters. They invite other globos and underground gyms that practice functional fitness. I think it lends a lot of credibility that a well respected health club like Pro Sports Club promotes the CrossFit lifestyle and encourages outsiders to join our community.

Let's be honest though, ultimately, the winners from last year and predicting this year...crossfitters of course!

Two thumbs up and a big toe! Anfarm is pro-Pro Sports Club!

 Indoor field at Willows Road, Redmond, WA.

A monster rig was recently installed on the perimeter of the field.